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AI Impacting Jobs

The Rise of Human Qualities


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Highly Disruptive Technologies and the Rise of Human Qualities


The future of work is a hot topic these days. With the rise of disruptive technologies, many people are worried about the impact they will have on our jobs. However, I believe that there is no need to worry. While automation may destroy some jobs, it will also create new ones that are much more focused on our human qualities. I see a bright future for work, I  believe that disruptive technologies will lead to a rise in human qualities. So we need to focus on soft human skills to stay relevant in the economy of tomorrow.


Topics that will be Covered During the Presentation


  1. Focus on human qualities
    The future of work will be based more on human qualities than hard skills
  2. Rapid automation of hard skills
    Hard skills will become less valuable as they are automated by technology
  3. Becoming more human
    Soft skills such as creativity and social intelligence will be more important
  4. Adaptability will be key
    Adaptability will be the new competitive advantage, for people and for organizations as well
  5. Purpose-driven and meaningful work using technological augmentation
    People will need to focus on work that connects them back to their true selves. Technology will do all the rest.
  6. Collaboration is everything
    The work that will be most valuable in the future is work that connects us to each other
  7. Unity and empowerment
    Stay ahead of the curve by focusing on work that connects us back to our true selves and others.
Christian Kromme

The Rapid Automation Of Hard Skills And Repetitive Tasks


Some experts estimate that between 78 % and 86 % of the jobs in our current economy are based on hard skills. The harsh reality is that the human body is actually not very well equipped to perform them for long periods of time without significant strain. The most valuable skills that take people years to learn also involve us making a lot of (expensive) mistakes during the learning process. Those skills aren’t easily interchangeable either, making us somewhat inflexible.


Everything that can be digitized and automated will be – and that’s going to lead to a dramatic decrease in value. Future technology will be cheap, efficient, and extremely fast at automating repetitive and routine tasks. Those tasks then become a commodity. It makes perfect sense that businesses are going to expect more and more routine tasks to be done by A.I. or by robots and I’m expecting that to happen within a decade.


Christian Kromme

Focus On The Development Of Human Qualities


Ai and robotics are going to automate a lot of tasks that don’t really need human attention. This means that skills that can be digitized and automated will become less valuable, while the things that can’t be automated will become more valuable. This is because businesses will be more interested in developing ‘soft skills’ rather than ‘hard skills’.


Things like emotion, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and social intelligence will be some of the most important qualities in the future workplace. So if you’re thinking about your future career, focus on developing your human qualities rather than your robotic ones.

Christian Kromme

Adaptability Will be The New Competitive Advantage


As Ai and robotics increasingly automate hard skills, we are going to be challenged to answer some serious questions about our purpose and usefulness. As our own technology makes us progressively more redundant and gives us more free time, we are going to be forced to answer some challenging questions:


Who are we, and why are we here? What does it mean to be Human? How do I lead my life and what does useful work look like in a future where many jobs have been automated? These are not easy questions to answer, but if we don’t develop our thinking as fast as the tech, we will become empty vessels with very little to contribute.



What is the Impact on people and the planet?


The future of work is going to be about connection. In a world where we are increasingly disconnected from each other and our own true nature, I believe that the most important work will be the work that connects us back to ourselves and to each other. This includes work that helps us to understand and develop our human qualities, work that supports us in living more connected and meaningful lives, and work that helps to heal the planet.


So there you have it. The future of work is about human qualities, adaptability, and connection. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, focus on developing your soft skills and emotional intelligence. And remember, the work that will be most valuable in the future is the work that connects us to our true selves and to each other.

Christian Kromme

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