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Christian shows organizations how to turn technological change into a competitive advantage. He believes that visionary ideas with a lasting impact on people are ones that are delivered in a simple and engaging way. That’s why he uses stories, engaging visuals and case studies to bring insights to life.

Future of communication
The Future of Communication

How will digital technology impact the way we communicate with other people in the future. And how it will transform the way organizations talk to their customers?

Company of the future
The Future of Organisations

What will future organizations look like? Organizations that quickly adapt to the needs of their customers have the greatest chance of survival. Will it be communities versus companies?

Future of logistics
The Future of Mobility

How autonomous trucks, cars, and drones will radically change the way we transport people and stuff. How will artificial intelligence impact our logistics system in the next 5 to 10 years?

Disrupt, or be disrupted!
The Future of Healthcare

Our healthcare system is about to be disrupted heavily. Smart sensors and machine learning will soon be able to do a faster and better diagnoses than a team of medical specialists.

trends 2020
Digital Transformation

How will the internet of things impact our lives, business, and society? How will e-commerce, service and other business processes look like 5 to 10 years from now?

Machine Learning
The Future of Learning

Machine/Deep learning will truly revolutionize and humanize the way we interact with digital devices. More than ever we will be able to go digital while staying human at the same time

Artificial Intelligence will Truly Revolutionize and Humanize the way we Interact with Digital Devices.

A Tsunami of disruptive technology is coming at us fast. Many organizations see this big wave as a threat, but there are also organizations that see this wave as an opportunity. Disruptive organizations like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify and Netflix think like surfers and know exactly where and when to jump on this wave to harness it’s power and gain exponential speed. Organizations and companies need to think and act like surfers to be able to transform disruptive threats into disruptive opportunities.

Humanification: Go Digital, Stay Human

This is a truly remarkable book that no entrepreneur, leader or policy maker can afford to miss.

Book Cover Humanification

Humanification is going to help you unlock the DNA of innovation itself, so you can apply it to your life, your business and your community. The story starts with a little girl, a terminal diagnosis and a ticking clock. Join the author as he searches for a cure. Along the way you will discover the seven powerful forces of innovation that are going to change everything in your world within your lifetime. Through a series of stories, research and personal insights, the author reveals how he came to see the world from a totally new perspective.

This new vantage point allowed him to uncover a unique wave pattern. Incredibly that wave pattern turned out to be a blueprint for just about every disruptive technology breakthrough. Christian Kromme also made another remarkable breakthrough. He discovered that our manmade technology follows exactly the same evolutionary steps as life itself.

This is a truly remarkable book that no entrepreneur, leader or policy maker can afford to miss. This book shows how technology unites humanity into one big organism. This new insight will change the way you look at technology and its effect on us all us all forever.

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Humanification Book Trailer

Discover the DNA of disruptive innovation yourself and watch a sneak preview of the book trailer here.

About Christian

“Christian can help companies and people to take advantage of increasing technology and turn a threat into a challenge. Because every change offers endless opportunities.”

– Ad Nederlof – Founder & Chairman Vanad Group

ENTREPRENEUR, Futurist, Technology speaker

Christian Kromme is an experienced entrepreneur and futurist speaker in the area of exponential technology, disruptive innovation and strategy/vision development. During his presentations Christian takes his audience on a tour through our exponentially changing world in which more and more disruptive technologies and business models provide a big shift toward consumers and smart communities.


As a tech-entrepreneur Christian has participated in several successful ‘disruptive’ start-ups, often spin-outs in completely different industries but always focused on the interface between humans and increasing technology. In 2002, Christian founded his own agency that helped organisations like: Shell, Randstad, Essent, Endemol, Corio, Eyeworks, ABP, Oracle, Philips, Toyota, Auping, Adidas, Rabobank to dramatically increase their rate of innovation.


Throughout the years the agency and Christian received several nominations and awards for its innovative vision and human-oriented approach, including Shell LiveWIRE Young Business Award, SAN Award, Broos van Erp Prize and many others. In 2014 Christian sold the agency to a multinational and started to focus on his passion, giving inspirational sessions and workshops on disruptive innovation and exponential technologies.

What people say about Christian

Find out what people say about Christian’s keynote sessions and masterclasses

“I was very impressed by Christian, right from the first time we spoke by phone, subsequent dialogue, and final presentation. Christian was remarkably quick in understanding our needs and customizing his talk accordingly. The end result could not have been more on point, which was amazing considering how little time we had and how little he was briefed.

His knowledge of exponential growth concepts coupled with his awareness of what is happening in various markets is remarkable and the end result is that Christian’s presentation was a thought provoking wake-up call and an inspiring call to action. I welcome further opportunities to work with Christian.”John Dunne, Halma p.l.c., Medical Sector Vice President

“Fantastic, Very Inspiring, encourages reflection, impressive, Best Session of the Day! (score 8.4)”Albert Allmers, FinanceFactor, 23 april 2016
“Christian was the ideal speaker for an inspiring and energetic way to open the process Congress. In rapid succession, he outlines the rapidly changing world we live in and shows the impact of technological innovations on people and organizations. He put our audience thinking early in the day (score 8,5)”
Pleun Verstappen - Heliview Conferences and training - november 2016
“Christian made a truly inspiring speech on innovation which generated a broader perspective for the law enforcement community in terms of novelty and exponential growth of changes introduced in our society.”Europol - January 2017
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