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Christian Kromme


Inspirational Keynote Speaker & Award-winning Author

Futurist, Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author


Much in-demand futurist, visionary, TEDx speaker and bestselling author Christian Kromme gives lectures, keynotes and inspiration sessions for companies and organisations all around the world. The connecting factor in his work is Humanification.


During his inspiring keynotes, Christian explains how organisations can benefit from the latest technological changes. He challenges organisations to think like a surfer. So organisations know how to surf the next great wave of technological change. This helps organisations to achieve success in this new future changes.


Christian speaks about the influence of robotics, autonomous cars, internet of things, artificial intelligence and more in many sectors.

Focus on Technology and Human Behaviour


As a tech-entrepreneur Christian has participated in several successful ‘disruptive’ start-ups. In 2002 Christian founded his own agency that helped organisations to dramatically increase their rate of innovation. The connection between people and technology has always been central in his work.


Beside writing and speaking Christian holds a position as a board member at the Workforce Institute EMEA, The Human Genome Foundation and other tech startups.

Awarded Human-centered Approach


Throughout the years the agency and Christian received several nominations and awards for its innovative vision and human-oriented approach. The prizes he won are the SHELL LiveWIRE Young Business Award, SAN Award, Broos van Erp prize and many others.


In 2014 Christian sold the agency to a multinational and started to focus on his passion, giving inspirational keynotes on disruptive technologies and the impact on human beings and organisations.



Visionary Thinker, Futurist Keynote Speaker and Author


They told me my daughter was dying. That day, I had no idea that such dreadful news would lead to a discovery that would revolutionize our understanding of innovation — what powers innovation, how it happens, how we can predict it and even make it happen. The speed of innovation in technology is increasing, and it’s going to totally transform our world. My best-selling book Humanification is about how we can harness its power to make our lives better, help businesses thrive and predict the next wave of change. During my keynotes I explain how to recognize and tune into the force that drives exponential trends.


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“I was very impressed by Christian, right from the first time we spoke by phone, subsequent dialogue, and final presentation. Christian was remarkably quick in understanding our needs and customizing his talk accordingly. The end result could not have been more on point, which was amazing considering how little time we had and how little he was briefed. I welcome further opportunities to work with Christian.”

John Dunne, Halma p.l.c., Medical Sector Vice President

The nice thing about Christian's keynote is that it is not an abstract high over presentation, he shows through practical examples that the exponential growth of technological developments is no longer unavoidable. Christian honestly and sincerely shows the chances and positive aspects of all those developments. That is what he does in his very own human way. And that is a unique combination for a fascinating keynote.

Nicoline van Mulken, Manpower Group

“Christian made a truly inspiring speech on innovation which generated a broader perspective for the law enforcement community in terms of novelty and exponential growth of changes introduced in our society.”


“Christian explains in an inspired way how exponential growth of digital computing power will cause unexpected technological, economic and cultural changes. Any organization with the ambition to stay relevant for it’s customers in the next five years, should take his story very seriously.“

C. Fruneeaux, Director Monnik

“Christian is a passionate speaker who shows in a beautiful and inspiring manner what is going on in our society, what is going to happen in the future and how we should deal with this. Very motivating!”

R. Van Zanten, Director IBSG Retail/consumer goods EMEAR & Latin America bij Cisco Systems

“Christian breathes innovation. Full of passion and knowledge he manages to challenge his audience to look beyond the iPhone. The biggest changes are yet to come in technology; you better be prepared!”

D. de Beurs, Researcher Primary Care and Mental Health at NIVEL

“Driven entrepreneur with a passion for technological innovation, inspiring and valuable. Are you prepared?“

A. Munneke, COO en co-founder VANAD Group

“Driven, persuasive and good informed speaker that underpins his vision and experiences with practical examples.”

R. Heinink, Sr. VP Logistics

“Christian takes his audience on a breathtaking tour and explains and illustrates the exponential rate at which technology develops and impacts humanity. With examples of drones, robots and smart sensors gives Christian a look into the future and he shows that technology is becoming more human. Nice is also the connection that Christian explains in the development of living cells and humans. History repeats itself time after time.”

F. Vlasveld, CEO Inspire

“Christian presents in an engaging and enthusiastic way how quickly the world is changing without us being aware of it. It opens your eyes how disruptive technologies can have an impact on your organization.”

D. van den Hoven, Partner Manager EMEA - Rally Software Development

“In a compelling way, Christian makes his audience aware of the tsunami of digital transformation coming at us fast. And it effects. He made the story even more interesting by making the translation practice and surprised me by his deep knowledge, even by asking. Good story!”

F. Steenhuizen, Partner, L&D Consultant at The Up Company

“Fasten your seatbelts! Christian speaks about the theme ‘disruptive innovation’ and brings order to the chaos. Makes surprising comparisons with the human body. From now on I think no longer linear but exponential.”

B. Alfrink, founder Skillcity

“An inspiring story that awakened me”

R. Keus, CEO

I have seen Christian 'perform' a couple of times now, among others at a club of ambitious and critical entrepreneurs and during the kick-off of our event marketing agency. The story of Christian is very clever! Handsome how he can draw a parallel between biological developments and technological developments and revolutions. Besides, his story is more than a lightning-fast succession of gadgets and technical gadgets, but it is particularly relevant to how our society and all sectors within it will develop. Absolutely a must for every organisation that wants to gain insight into how to respond to all technical innovations and disruptions that are going to take place. And very beautiful: the end of his speech in which Christian ends with the 'human touch' and 'purpose'.

Pieter Bas Boertje, D&B Eventmarketing

“Fantastic, Very Inspiring, encourages reflection, impressive, Best Session of the Day! (score 8.4)”

A. Allmers, FinanceFactor

“Christian can help companies and people to take advantage of increasing technology and turn a threat into a challenge. Because every change offers endless opportunities.”

Ad Nederlof, Founder & Chairman Vanad Group

“Christian was the ideal speaker for an inspiring and energetic way to open the process Congress. In rapid succession, he outlines the rapidly changing world we live in and shows the impact of technological innovations on people and organizations. He put our audience thinking early in the day (score 8,5)”

P. Verstappen, Heliview Conferences and training

“Christian is a real expert in the field of ‘Disruptive Innovations’ and brings his story with flair, enthusiasm, passion and depth to the audience. He gives the audience new insights they can take home.”

L. Hilberding, Field Marketing Manager Interactive Intelligence – Benelux, Africa and Middle East

“Christian silences his audience with his incredible story on the upcoming developments of artificial intelligence. By his way of presenting in combination with good visual effects, he manages to grab the listener and not let them go until the presentation is over.”

M. Blijdesteijn, Blijdesteijn Fashion

“Christian presented about the latest disruptive technological innovations with great enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge. Very valuable for anyone who wants to take a look into the future!”


“Technology is more and more a commodity, the application makes the difference. Christian inspired to innovate again from creativity and customer perception.“

N. van Kleef, Directeur innovatie en marketing bij Fleurametz

“During a breakfast meeting organized by Colliers International on Provada 2016 Christian captured 50 Young Professionals in a rollercoaster full of inspiration, innovation, and new breakthrough insights. A powerful and valuable story! It has put the visitors thinking with a lot of enthusiastic and positive responses.”

Colliers International

“Christian tells inspired and at a high rate which developments are taking place now and in the future and what that means for organizations and people. He inspires the audience and makes them think, and that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve with our visitors.”

C. Saad, Vakmerk

“Christian can move his audience from the present to the future and convince his audience that the future is already here … with all its consequences.”

K. Ufkes, VP Engage International

“We asked Christian to speak at a seminar where we like to inspire our customers to have a look at the world of tomorrow. Christian gave a presentation where a wide variety of changes in the field of innovation and technology passed. Very inspiring!”

E. Beelen, Detron

“Christian provided an inspiring and exciting glimpse into the future of technology. He enthusiastically made the link between technological innovation and the associated change in the healthcare industry of tomorrow. It gave us much to think about; how will our customers and Vtel Telecom anticipate to these developments. Christian thanks again for your very interesting contribution to the day.”

Vtel Telecom

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7 Reasons to book Christian as your next Keynote Speaker


  1. Inspiring Keynotes with Impact 
    Christian has a big impact as a speaker through his pleasantly confrontational style; bright and energetic.
  2. Valuable and Practical Insights
    After the keynote, you leave the room with new insights, ideas or concrete action.
  3. TEDx talk
    Christian has spoken for TEDx because of his authentic, impressive and inspiring keynotes.
  4. Custom Tailored Keynotes
    No audience is the same, so no keynote should be the same either. For maximum impact, Christian tailors every keynote to the specific needs of the audience.
  5. Practical and Up-to-Date
    For the past 20 years, Christian was a tech-entrepreneur himself. So expect practical and up-to-date stories and examples.
  6. Topics that really Matter
    Christian is a passionate speaker who inspires your audience with what is happening in our society, what will happen in the future and how humans should deal with it.
  7. You’re not the first, many preceded you
    TEDx, Shell, Europol, Financial Times, BP, Akzo Nobel, Engie, Miele, Randstad, Manpower, Philips and many other organisations in many sectors and industries preceded you.

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