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AI Impacting Humans

Embracing AI Technology


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Human 4.0 – Surviving and thriving in the 4th Industrial Revolution


It may seem counterintuitive, but embracing the advancements of technology and AI can enhance our humanity. We can focus on developing our unique talents and skills by automating mundane tasks and freeing up our time. As humans, we can adapt and learn, allowing us to evolve and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world constantly.


Embracing technology does not mean giving up our humanity; it means empowering ourselves to reach even more significant potential as individuals and as a society.  So rather than fear the unknown future, let’s embrace it and leverage technology to become the best versions of ourselves.


Topics that will be Covered During this Keynote:

  1. The fourth Industrial revolution
    The fourth Industrial revolution is a period of rapid technological change and economic transformation that fundamentally alters how we live and work. During this time, many industries are being disrupted by new technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and driverless cars, presenting challenges and opportunities for businesses and workers.
  2. Difference between the 3rd and 4th Industrial revolution
    The 4th Industrial Revolution fundamentally transforms how we work and live, as new technologies disrupt many industries. Compared to the 3rd Industrial Revolution, characterized by mechanization and mass production, the 4th Industrial Revolution is characterized by intelligent automation and increased connectivity across industries.
  3. Human vs. machine
    In today’s fast-changing world, humans face an increasingly tense struggle with machines as they compete for relevance in the workplace. While machines have demonstrated their dominance in specific tasks and skill sets, humans are still needed for their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and ability to work across disciplines.
  4. Technological Impact
    Many jobs that a set of rules can define will soon be digitized and automated because of new, innovative technologies. Once these processes become robotic and more efficient, they will no longer be seen as valuable. This will significantly impact our identities, skills, and sense of purpose in life.
  5. Organizational Impact
    To succeed in this rapidly-evolving landscape, organizations must focus on developing the skills and talents needed to thrive in a world dominated by smart automation and increased connectivity. Whether you are a business leader or an employee, it is crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations to remain competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly evolving economy.
  6. Evolving from human 3.0 to human 4.0
    A significant shift is taking place in our mindset and culture as we embrace new technologies that are transforming our lives and work. As businesses and workers navigate this rapidly-evolving landscape, it is essential to adopt a forward-thinking mindset and embrace the changes brought about by technology to stay competitive.
  7. Impact on personal skills and talents
    There is a growing need for individuals to develop new personal skills and talents to stay relevant in this rapidly-changing world. This includes the ability to think creatively, problem-solve effectively, and work collaboratively across disciplines with people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets.
Christian Kromme

It’s time to start preparing ourselves now


Did you know that a study by McKinsey Global Institute predicts that by 2030, 800 million global workers could lose their jobs to automation? It’s more important than ever for humans to focus on developing our unique skills and talents to stay relevant in this rapidly changing world. We can’t simply rely on technology to do everything for us.


The future belongs to those who can adapt and thrive in this new era of advancements. Let’s make sure we’re not left behind. It’s time to start preparing ourselves now. Book Christian and learn how you can stay ahead of the game and secure your place in the future workforce.  

Christian Kromme

A Radical shift in mindset

The radical shift in mindset that we need to adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution recognizes the transformative power of technology. In this rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, it will be essential for us to embrace new technologies, harness their potential, and use them to drive innovation, collaboration, and creativity.


At the core of this shift is a willingness to learn and evolve and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This means being open to new ideas and approaches, constantly learning and growing, and embracing change as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Christian Kromme

Augmenting technology

Augmenting technology is one of the key trends that will shape the 4th Industrial Revolution. This emerging field aims to use advanced tools and algorithms to enhance human capabilities, improve productivity, and enable new forms of work and collaboration. Some examples of technologies that fall into this category include machine learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, virtual reality, and blockchain.


These tools have the potential to significantly improve our ability to tackle complex challenges and make decisions in real-time, while also creating new opportunities for collaboration across industries and disciplines. As we enter this exciting new era of technological advancement, it will be essential for us to embrace augmenting technologies as a key part of our toolkit for success.

Christian Kromme

What skills are needed?

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, there are several critical skills and talents that humans will need to develop to stay relevant. These include problem-solving abilities. In a world where machines are automatically doing more and more tasks, humans will need to focus on creative problem-solving and decision-making instead of labor-intensive tasks—the ability to work and collaborate across disciplines.


In the 4th Industrial Revolution, professionals will need to be able to work closely with people from different backgrounds, specialties, and skill sets to solve complex problems. This requires strong collaboration and communication skills, an open mind, and a willingness to change.

Christian Kromme

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When you think of a keynote, what comes to mind? A dry, boring presentation that is only useful for corporate types? If so, then you are in for a surprise. Christian Kromme is a Keynote Speaker who will change your mind about keynote presentations. His keynotes are highly visual and engaging, and he can tailor his message to fit any audience.


Whether you need a keynote for a live event or something that can be viewed online or even pre-recorded, Christian has you covered. His presentations are truly inspiring and thought-provoking, and they will open your eyes to the world of tomorrow. If you are looking for a Keynote Speaker who will challenge the status quo and provide disruptive insights, then Christian Kromme is the right choice for you. Contact him today to learn more about how he can help your organization achieve its goals.

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