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Christian Kromme

Human-Centered Innovation

The greatest innovation is humanity itself


Opportunities for innovation are only potential when companies use technology to make it human centered.

Human-centered technology is the future


Technologies with a focus on human development will dominate the upcoming years. In the keynote human-centered innovation you get the opportunity how to innovate with the people of your organization and consumers at the center of it.


Opportunities for innovation are only potential if they are applied in a human-centered way. It’s imperative for businesses to keep up with it, while having people at the center of everything they do. Most organisaztions are focused on building a bridge, but they forget the people who have to cross it. So focus on people. Unfortunately, most companies that won’t focus on human, probably won’t survive the upcoming years.


To become successful, products must be driven by human needs. They must have a grip on human behavior, cultural psychology, physiological needs, and cognitive needs. I believe the best thing organizations can do is to create a corporate culture that adapts better to the new, exponentially moving world. During this keynote, I tell you how innovation will help humanity move forward toward a more sustainable, successful future.




Human-Centered approach in innovation


Are you going to innovate? Start with a human-centered approach that focuses on the user’s needs and problems. This is a good fundament and basis for innovation.


A human-centered approach stimulates the creation of products that creates more value for customers and employees. This stimulate engagement and growth. You should start with designing technology with a focus on human behavior. Because technology adapts to how we behave and learns from us.


Topics of this keynote

Human-Centered Organisations


An essential part of running a human-centered organization is to ensure that the right people are in the right place.


Don’t choose for a hierarchical structure, but choose for holacracy: autonomous teams that solve problems themselves within certain frameworks. After you have done that you can focus on the infrastructure, the design of a business model.


Increasingly disruptive technologies and business models are causing a massive shift in power towards the consumer in the exponentially changing society. And that has an obvious influence on the contact between organizations and their customers.

Human-centered business models


A changing world requires new business models. The rise of the ‘start-up culture’ will be leading in the coming years.


These are small-scale companies are not hierarchically organized. But they are a holacracy. These are decentralized, autonomous teams that solve problems themselves and carry out work.


Individuals come together as a network of specialists to carry out a large range of business activities together. Instead of capitalist capital, people will be central to these business models.

Human-Centered mindset


Human-centered thinking is a new mindset. It’s a toolkit that helps leaders, managers and CEOs solve problems and brings out the best in people by creating positive corporate cultures.



Human-Centered Jobs


Automation, digital platforms and other innovations change the fundamental nature of work. Jobs of the future will be the tasks machines are not good at. Machines will be good at hard skills, so the new jobs will mainly focus on soft skills, such as tasks which are driven by social skills, creativity, empathy and entertainment.


This means education must be reinvented, with the emphasis on the things people are good at and machines are not; creativity, complex problem solving, literature, art, relationships, caring. We must not teach our children to maintain facts such as current education.

Human-Centered Products and Services


Through digital transformation the customer is even more king than he ever was. Consumers now have so many choices that it’s more difficult to stand out with your product or service. That’s why it’s good to involve customers at a very early stage in new business models, services or products. The goal of this cooperation is to respond as much as possible to the needs, wishes and requirements of these customers.


When you want to create value for your customer, you need to know who he is, what situation he is in and why he has a specific problem or specific need. So having contextual awareness to build a complete user experience is the most important characteristic in creating intelligent solutions.

A. Allmers | FinanceFactor

“Fantastic, Very Inspiring, encourages reflection, impressive,

Best Session of the Day!”


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What you know after this keynote


  1. How you can apply empathy in your organization
    Learn to understand human needs of your customers and employees.
  2. How you get a human centered mindset
    You can reshaping and defining customer problems in human-centered ways.
  3. How your organization becomes human centered
    How can increasing technology affect organizations and our jobs? How should your organization be structured to evolve exponentially quickly?
  4. How you ask the right questions to solve problems
    Don”t think from a business perspective, but from a customer perspective. You will know how to describe the real problem in people-oriented terms by asking the right questions.
  5. Insight into the coming human-centered trends
    You’ll have answers to the following questions: how will technological trends disrupt your sector or industry? What will these disruptive innovations look like, how will they feel? Which skills are automated and which skills will increase in value?

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