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Christian Kromme

What if you had two choices: Disrupt or die?

They told me my daughter was dying. That day, I had no idea that such dreadful news would lead to a discovery that would revolutionize our understanding of innovation – what powers innovation, how it happens, how we can predict it and even make it happen. The speed of innovation in technology is increasing, and it’s going to totally transform our world. Humanification is about how we can harness its power to make our lives better, help businesses thrive and predict the next wave of change.

In my book Humanification, I’ll explain how to recognize and tune into the force that drives exponential trends. Businesses that align with this force behave in a certain way and evolve at exponential speeds, and it’s a force that you can tap into. From business to government, from medicine to computer networks, from personal intelligence to artificial intelligence; everything we think we know today is going to be transformed within our lifetime. Join me on a journey that exposes some startling parallels between nature and technology.


Humans vs the first living prokaryotic cells


Disruptive innovation has always been part of human development. We already know that it’s the very essence of evolution in the natural world. What this book does is to reveal that nature and technology are much closer in evolutionary terms than you might think. Startlingly close, in fact. A healthy human body is a social and coherent community of over 10 trillion cells that work together seamlessly. So what does this have to do with technology? Perhaps more than you think . . .

We can learn a great deal from the cells in our body; how they communicate with each other, how they organize and solve complex problems by working together in social, coherent, and efficient communities. There’s nothing random about the solutions created by organic life, and when you look closely these systems help to explain the exponential trends we see everywhere around us in our man-made world. Nature also teaches us how we can make technology more human a concept I’ve termed Humanification.


Human-made settlement vs eukaryotic cell


Humanification shines a light into your future, the future of business, and of our collective potential, and it’s a future that’s less unpredictable than you might think. Nature gives us predictive powers, when we know where to look for the clues. The challenges currently faced by families, entrepreneurs, employees, business leaders, our communities and even policymakers and governments can be explained and solved when you understand the principles of Humanification.


The natural patterns of life and the technological developments that affect us all really can be explained. We have the ability to transform our personal well-being, our businesses, our communities, our societies and even our environment with this new understanding. Together we’ll explore the previously hidden patterns that shape our world so we can harness them and be less fearful of the future. There are truly remarkable parallels between our own biology and our man-made technology, parallels that have already transformed all of our lives, and things are only just getting started. The driving forces behind the miracle of organic life are coded patterns that could have predicted the internet, Facebook, Uber and many more ‘surprises’ that have taken the world by storm.


Human-made infrastructure vs vascular systems of organisms 


Humanification will help you to makes sense of our rapidly changing world and harness a new understanding to help you, your family, company, and community to adapt and thrive. Disruptive innovation is no longer the exception, it’s the new normal and change is hotting up. Make no mistake, big changes are on the horizon. The waves of change are swelling. You can’t see most of them, but they are there . . . and some of them are tsunamis. These monster waves will almost certainly wipe out some things that you hold dear, but they have equal power to help us to replace what’s lost with something much better.


I believe that Nature shows us that governments are going to become less powerful, collective intent and intelligence will become unstoppable, and the businesses and companies of the future will look very different indeed. The world of work is going to change beyond recognition and being ready will help you and the people you care about thrive, as long as you are open and ready for what’s coming next. The changes are already on your doorstep; they are happening today in your home, your company, and your job. They are changing the way you shop, eat, communicate, how you power your life, and how you connect to the outside world. This is your opportunity to gain insight into where the next big wave is going to come from, and where it’s going to take you.


Humanification is more than just an idea; it’s a new wave of understanding that helps to make sense of what’s driving technology, what’s in store for a new more collaborative society, and how we do business in the future. You will find out why the essence of life really is information. You will gain a new perspective on technology, how we all interact with it, and where it’s going next. We are going to start by looking at and understanding the parallels between our own biology and twenty-first-century technology. We’ll explore the 7 biological waves of evolution and reveal the surprising patterns that almost perfectly map to the technology that sits in your pocket and powers your home. You will find out just how much technology is going to change everything and just how fast those changes are going to happen. You’ll start to see how artificial intelligence (AI) is already guiding many aspects of our lives and where it’s going to take us next.


The next wave is already driving some of the transformational businesses that have changed the way we all live and work. Just think back to the days before Google, Amazon or satnav. Although it’s hard to remember, it wasn’t very long ago. Many of these changes in our everyday lives have happened in a matter of months or a few short years, instead of over decades or centuries.


We will be looking at examples of how some businesses such as Google, Uber and many others could have been predicted if we had had our Humanification glasses on. But we didn’t, and they seemed to surprise almost everybody. We are entering into the new era that’s coming at breathtaking speed and the more human our technology becomes, the faster those changes to our businesses and everyday lives are going to happen. So let’s start at the beginning with how it all started; how one little girl’s close call with death was to be the tipping point for a new predictive power for our future.


You were reading the first chapter of my new book Humanification, I hope you enjoyed it. For more info check the book page on my website.



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