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Destinus hydrogen-fueled Hypersonic Planes

Soaring Beyond Imagination: Destinus Hypersonic Planes


Are you ready for hypersonic flights from Europe to Australia in just 4 hours? Introducing Destinus, the innovative startup pioneering hydrogen-fueled hypersonic planes!


The Destinus Revolution

Imagine flying from Europe to Australia in just 4 hours! This once far-fetched dream is now becoming a reality, thanks to Destinus, a Swiss startup developing hydrogen-fueled hypersonic airplanes. These futuristic planes will travel at velocities over five times the speed of sound, significantly reducing flight times without compromising versatility, cost, or noise. The Destinus hypersonic planes are poised to revolutionize travel and transportation as we know it.


Destinus hydrogen-fueled Hypersonic Planes


Disrupting the Aviation Industry

Destinus is speeding up flight times and transforming how we think about air travel. By combining advanced aerospace technologies with hydrogen fuel, the company aims to open up new flight paths for cargo and passenger transportation across the globe. This innovative approach enables Destinus to design and produce ultra-long-range hypersonic aircraft that integrate seamlessly into everyday life. Moreover, these planes can use conventional airports, minimizing noise pollution and infrastructure changes.


Opportunities Abound

The potential of Destinus’ hypersonic planes extends beyond faster travel times. These aircraft will enable businesses to transport goods more rapidly, creating global commerce and trade opportunities. Furthermore, they will open up possibilities for new travel experiences, making remote destinations more accessible.


In April 2023, the Spanish Government awarded Destinus grants worth 26.7 million Euros to expand its hydrogen propulsion capabilities and further develop hypersonic airplanes. This funding demonstrates the immense potential of Destinus’ technology and its potential to transform the aviation industry.


Destinus hydrogen-fueled Hypersonic Planes

How Destinus Hypersonic Planes Work

Destinus’ hypersonic planes will take off from Hyperports, airports equipped with hydrogen handling infrastructure, and mission control centers for unmanned aerial vehicles. The aircraft will quickly accelerate, igniting a chemical rocket engine during the high-altitude climb phase to boost speed further.


To tackle the challenge of keeping the structure cool at high velocities, Destinus is developing a unique active cooling system. This system converts the thermal energy generated by friction with air into propulsion while powering the rocket engines and ensuring the plane’s structural integrity.


Destinus hydrogen-fueled Hypersonic Planes


Research and Development

Destinus is using numerical methods to develop its hyperplanes, delving deep into the main aspects of supersonic and hypersonic aerothermodynamics. This research encompasses external and internal aerodynamics, vehicle structure design, propulsion engine components, and the design of active cooling systems.


In November 2022, Destinus successfully tested its Eiger prototype near Munich. The team is analyzing the data from these tests and working on their next prototype, which will serve as a testbed for supersonic flight and hydrogen propulsion.


Impact on Humanity

Destinus’ groundbreaking technology will have a lasting impact on humanity. Hypersonic planes will revolutionize travel and transportation, allowing us to reach distant destinations in record time. Moreover, using hydrogen fuel will reduce emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.


As we embark on this new era of hypersonic travel, the possibilities are limitless. Hold on tight because the future of aviation is about to take off!


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Author: Christian Kromme

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