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Christian Kromme

AI – The Human Story 


Welcome to an extraordinary journey into the future! Your support can help to bring a groundbreaking documentary to life – a documentary that explores the very essence of our human existence in an era dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

Christian Kromme

Introducing The Documentary


Concept overview: 

A groundbreaking cinematic exploration of how artificial intelligence is reshaping our world, organizations, and our very understanding of what it means to be a human being.



A visionary documentary that encourages dialogue and deepens understanding of AI’s role in shaping our future world.

Christian Kromme

The story we aim to tell


Scope of the Documentary: 

Unveiling that AI is a force of nature with positive intentions to unite and empower human beings. The documentary focuses on AI’s socio-economic, ethical, and philosophical impacts on society, organizations, and human beings. 


Tell the The Human Story: 

This is a yet-to-be-told tale of how AI will compel humanity to journey from its intellectual faculties (head) back into its emotional core (heart), thereby becoming more profoundly human.

Christian Kromme

Who will watch?


Target Audience: 

Tech enthusiasts, global business leaders, entrepreneurs, employees, students, educators, policymakers, and the general public – our story speaks to all.


Global Reach: 

With your support, we aim to illuminate millions of minds worldwide in the theatre and movie houses via multiple premium video streaming services like Amazon Prime, Discovery, Pathe Online, and more.

Christian Kromme

Why sponsor this documentary?


Elevate Your Brand: 

Demonstrate that your brand is at the forefront, promoting insightful, crucial conversations about fast-changing and disruptive AI technologies.


Exposure and Promotion: 

Your name/brand/company is featured in all promotional materials, digital campaigns, press releases, and in the documentary itself.

Christian Kromme

Sponsorship packages


We have several tiers of sponsorship options:

1️⃣ Individual Supporter: Your name will be proudly displayed in the documentary credits for those who want to contribute personally. GOFUNDME   >


2️⃣ Corporate sponsors: For organizations wanting to position themselves as frontrunners in the AI debate, we have packages that include logo placement, co-branding opportunities, and many more. Contact us for the possibilities.


Total sponsorship:

We aim for a total sponsor budget between 80K & 140K

Christian Kromme

The impact of your sponsorship

A Lasting Legacy: 

Not just promoting a documentary but facilitating and fostering a critical conversation about the future of AI and humanity.

Positive Association: 

Boost Your Reputation and show that your organization is considerate, active, committed to social responsibility, and genuinely caring about humanity’s future.

Christian Kromme

Story & Production

Story/Idea: Christian Kromme

Global Thought Leader, Best Selling Author & Futurist

Director:  Belgin Inal

An independent film and documentary director (300+) for platforms like BBC, VPRO & NPO, CNN, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Pathé.

Production: ITVFILM

A team that boasts over three decades of experience in creating documentaries.

Christian Kromme

Humanification Film Fund


This is just the beginning:

All revenues from the documentary will be funneled into the Humanification docu/film fund. The purpose of this fund is to foster the creation of a series of documentaries. 


Supporting humans:

These films/documentaries will be instrumental in aiding individuals to cultivate a mindset capable of navigating the impending disruptive AI technologies.

Christian Kromme

A Unique opportunity

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a pivotal moment in human history.  Please stand with us at the forefront of this exploration, shedding light on the profound influence of AI on humanity.


For more information on the project and sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us.


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