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Masterclass: Future-Proof Mindset

Develop a holistic future perspective on developing leadership, consciousness, technology, organizations, and work…

Why this Masterclass?


Turning threats into opportunities

A tidal wave of change is rapidly coming towards us. Many people and organizations see this wave as a threat and experience stress, but there are also people and organizations who see this wave of change as an opportunity. These people and organizations think and behave like surfers. They know exactly where and when to jump on the wave of change in order to use the power of the wave to make speed.


Creating more freedom of choice

The corona virus is on its way back and we carefully crawl out of our shell. During the lockdown we went digital en masse and created new digital business models that would otherwise have taken at least another five to ten years. Business as usual’ therefore does not seem to be an option for many individuals and organizations, but what is? What will tomorrow’s digital economy look like and what is your role in it? The more you know about the digital economy, the more choices arise, more choices mean more freedom and that is why a digital mindset is so important in times like these.


Consciousness vs technology

What does it mean to be human at a time when smart technologies such as robots and AI are taking over more and more tasks from us? How important is meaning in tomorrow’s world? What skills do you need to grow and flourish in tomorrow’s economy? What will jobs and organizations look like in the future? During the master class we go deeper into these issues, personal leadership and awareness development are essential in developing a future-proof mindset.


What can you expect?


Day program

09:00 to 9:30 – Receives with coffee and tea
9:30 to 11:00- World (social change)
11:00 to 11:30 – Short break with coffee and tea
11:30 to 13:00 – WE (organizational change)
13:00 to 14:00 – Delicious lunch
14:00 to 15:30 – ICT (technological change)
15:30 to 16:00 – Short break with coffee and tea
16:00 to 17:00 – ME (personal change)
17:00 – Closing day


Focus points of the master class


Social change
Discover the driving forces behind major disruptive changes in our society. The future may not be as unpredictable as we think now, and social crises may be more logical than we have always thought.


Organizational change
Organizations develop as organisms, what can we learn from nature when it comes to culture and structure of future organizations. What are swarms of organizations and why can’t we do without them in the future?


Technological change
Biology and technology have more in common than you initially think. Learn how to predict which technologies are coming and when. Discover how these exponential technologies are going to radically affect our society, organizations and lives.


Personal Change
Cells and sapiens have many corresponding needs and behaviors. What can we learn from living cells when it comes to: personal leadership, consciousness development, purpose, meaning and flow. In nature everything exists holistic eco-systems, it is time that we humans also develop a holistic and Future-Proof mindset to move towards sustainable eco-systems.


For whom?
– Leaders, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who want to develop themselves further.
– Pioneers ready to lead themselves or their company into the new era.
– Those who need a personal reset & want to be immersed in the new world.
– Those who are interested in the future of society, people, technology and consciousness.


When, where
To be dicided


€ 399,- (Deductible for companies)


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How do you become future-proof?


Working on a holistic mindset

Today, having a future-proof mindset and skills has become a pure necessity. We are on the eve of an enormous technological and social transformation that will bring many uncertainties. People’s skills and the business models of organizations will come under a lot of pressure. Understanding the context of this radical transformation is therefore the core of this day workshop. If you learn to understand yourself and the world around you better, you will be able to make important and impactful decisions with more certainty and confidence.


Me, We, World, ICT model

Understanding the patterns behind today’s profound changes is more important than ever, because they help you navigate in times of great uncertainty. In this daytime workshop you will learn to see the world around you from a completely different perspective and therefore understand it much better. You will learn to see patterns in and between personal (ME), organizational (WE), social (WORLD) and technological (ICT) developments. Patterns that will help you to develop a future-proof mindset that will help you to make personal and business decisions with conviction.

Location: The Rijsgaardhoeve in Elburg

The masterclass will be held in picturesque Elburg. On the edge of the Veluwe, there is a small farm called the Rijsgaard Hoeve. Authentic, local buildings, embedded in the green landscape, breathe the atmosphere of days gone by. A place where you can let go, clear your head, relax completely. A place to quietly focus on your goal, stand still for a moment or go forward, new ideas are born here. At the location there is plenty of parking space available.


Address: Rijsgaardhoeve: Oostendorperstraatweg 22B , 8081 RK in Elburg

About Christian

Christian challenges people and organizations to think and act like a surfer, helping to turn disruptive threats into disruptive opportunities. In 2011, Christian made a unique invention. While searching for his daughter’s health, Christian discovered a unique wave pattern in the development of cells and biological organisms. This wave pattern also forms a blueprint for the disruptive trends we see around us today in our technological organizations; the patterns are even capable of predicting future technological and societal trends. This gives individuals and organizations more certainty in the future and thus a solid basis for forming long-term visions and strategies.

As a much sought-after futurist, visionary, TEDx speaker and bestselling author, Christian Kromme gives lectures, keynotes and inspiration sessions for companies and organizations around the world. Over the past two years, Christian has presented on 5 continents, in 22 different countries and to more than 380,000 people including members of royal families. His latest series of keynotes were rated between 8.6 and 9.8 (based on official audience feedback/surveys).

The connecting factor in his work is the subject: Humanification. During his inspiring keynotes and workshops, Christian explains how people and organizations can benefit from disruptive changes. He challenges his audience to think like a surfer. This way they know how to surf the next big wave of change. This helps them to get success from these new future changes.

Keynotes customized and tailored for your industry?


Christian is a futurist and trendwatcher who speaks about the impact of exponential technologies like AI on organizations, people, and talents. Christian tailors his presentations to your audience’s specific industries and needs.


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