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Taiwan's Vertical Farm in an Underground Metro Station is the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Taiwan's Vertical Farm in an Underground Metro Station is the Future of Sustainable Agriculture


Unusual location for vertical farming

In an effort to provide passengers with amenities beyond transportation, Taiwan has chosen an unusual location for vertical farming, an underground metro station. Nanjing Fuxing station in Taipei cultivates vegetables in a technologically advanced setting that assures precisely controlled humidity, temperatures, and other elements promoted as a method of cultivating unpolluted and healthy plants, Taiwan News reported on Wednesday. The 40-square-meter "Metro Fresh" hydroponic farm cultivates lettuce under LED lighting without pesticides or herbicides.


Example of sustainable agriculture

This is an incredible example of sustainable agriculture that doesn't sacrifice space or quality. By utilizing vertical farming methods, we can increase crop yields while using less land, water, and energy. Not to mention, these crops are pesticide-free and healthful! This is the future of agriculture, and I am excited to see more examples of it popping up worldwide. 


What is Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming is a type of agriculture where crops are grown vertically stacked layers in a controlled environment. This means that vertical farms can be built indoors in places where traditional farming would not be possible, such as in cities or deserts. Vertical farms also use far less water than conventional farms because the water can be recycled and reused. Moreover, because vertical farms are indoors, they are not affected by weather conditions like droughts or floods. It should come as no surprise then that vertical farms are becoming increasingly popular as we look for ways to produce food for our growing population sustainably. In fact, according to Global Market Insights, the vertical farming market is expected to reach $30 billion by 2024! 


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Why Taiwan's Underground Metro Farm is So Innovative            

What makes Taiwan's vertical farm so innovative is its location: an underground metro station! By utilizing space that would usually go unused, Taiwan has created a farm that takes up very little space but can still yield a significant amount of food. And because it's underground, it's protected from extreme weather conditions. Metro Fresh is just one example of how creative thinking can lead to sustainable solutions for our food system.


The Future of Sustainable Agriculture  

I believe that vertical farming is the future of sustainable agriculture. Not only does it use less land, water, and energy than traditional farming methods, but it can also be done indoors in places where traditional farming would not be possible. As our population continues to grow, we need to find more efficient ways to produce food – and vertical farming is one way to do just that. I'm excited to see what other innovative ideas people come up with regarding sustainable agriculture! What do you think the future of agriculture looks like? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Author: Christian Kromme

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