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Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Can Now Pick Up and Throw Things

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Can Now Pick Up and Throw Things


Boston Dynamics, the company known for creating robots that can dance, do backflips, and even perform parkour, has now given its Atlas robot a new skill: the ability to pick up and throw objects. In a recent video demo, we see Atlas carrying a tool bag up some scaffolding and throwing it to a human construction worker standing on a simulated construction site.


This demonstration requires Atlas to use its sensors and a large variety of capabilities to navigate the site while remaining balanced. In the video, the Atlas robot first picks up and places a large wooden plank as a bridge over the construction site. The machine then walks over the plank after picking up the tool bag with two hands.


Atlas then spins and tosses the tool bag at the human construction worker’s feet. After that, the machine pushes a wooden block out of its way and ends the demonstration by performing a 540-degree flip to jump off the construction site. This demo shows the potential of Atlas to assist human construction workers in practical ways, by helping with tasks such as carrying and throwing heavy objects.



Boston Dynamics states that the goal of the Atlas project is to eventually create a “go anywhere, do anything” machine capable of performing any human task. This video not only showcases the robot's ability to carry out specific tasks but also highlights the potential for robots to one day replace human workers. However, it's important to note that the Atlas robot is still a research project and is not yet available for sale.


While the idea of robots replacing human workers may be concerning for some, it's essential to consider the potential benefits that robots like Atlas can bring. For example, robots can work in dangerous environments that may be too risky for humans or perform tasks that are too physically demanding for humans to do for long periods of time. Additionally, robots like Atlas can also be programmed to work collaboratively with humans, making them valuable tools for construction and other heavy industries.


Overall, the video demo of Atlas picking up and throwing objects is a significant step forward in robotics. It showcases the robot's ability to perform tasks that require a high level of skill and balance and highlights the potential of robots to assist human workers in various industries. While the idea of robots replacing human workers may be concerning, it's essential also to consider the potential benefits that robots can bring. We're excited to see what future developments Boston Dynamics will get for their robots and how they will help us in our daily life.

Author: Christian Kromme

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