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Trendwatcher 2.0

About disruption, innovation and technology 


Discover the deeper challenges behind technological and social trends through an inspiring keynote at your event. Why do Artificial Intelligence, robots, autonomous cars and blockchain rise up right now? 


During an inspiring keynote, Christian helps people and organizations with practical examples to understand those deeper causes. In addition, he explains how you as an organization can respond to this to develop yourself. The main reason why organizations book Christian is because of his: translation into practical terms, visual presentations, unique human-centered approach, and a clear explanation about technological and social developments.


Trendwatcher 2.0

What is a trendwatcher 2.0?


What is a trendwatcher? A trendwatcher identifies, analyzes and predicts trends and developments of the coming years on a technological and social level through research. A trendwatcher 2.0 goes beyond trendwatching.


Technological and social trends are symptoms to deeper causes. If you don’t understand the deeper cause/motive behind these trends, it will always be difficult to anticipate new trends.


Christian helps people and organizations during his keynotes to understand these deeper causes and how they can respond to them. These causes cannot be found in the technological outside world. For that, we mainly need to look at ourselves: humans.

Future trends


Trendwatcher 2.0 Christian Kromme gives a glimpse of a potential future. Christian tailors his presentations to the specific needs and industry of the audience. What is your focus?

7 Waves of Innovation

Trends 2019

Being customer-centric is not enough in 2019. In 2019 we will go to human-centric organizations. Companies put people at the center of their goal, not the product or their company. Want to know more?


Book keynote Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human

Trends 2020

The rise of the AI Revolution. What is the reason why Artificial Intelligence rises in 2020? The role of Artificial Intelligence in society, people, and companies has a central place in this keynote. 


Book keynote Future of Artificial Intelligence

Trends 2025

In 2025, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will change our way of life. How it looks, you'll discover during this keynote.


Book keynote Future of Information and Communication

Trends 2030

The rise of the Creative Revolution. Almost everyone has access to powerful online platforms that enhance and strengthen our creative and social capacities now. In addition, in 2030 AI reaches a human level of thinking. We are going to use this AI to improve the quality of life. This is the beginning of the seventh innovation wave.


Book keynote Future of Creativity and Productivity

Trends 2050

Your future starts today! Countries like China and the United Arab Emirates are already investing in 2050. During this keynote, you will hear what to expect, technologically and socially. Do you dare to innovate?


Book Keynote Future of my Business

 Reasons to book Christian as your speaker


  1. Valuable insights
    Christian provides valuable and practical insights for every entrepreneur, organization and manager.
  2. Unique findings
    Speaker Christian Kromme has made quite unique inventions that he likes to share with you.
  3. Practical inspiration sessions
    Practical inspiration sessions instead of standard lectures on trends, innovation and the future.
  4. Focus on human
    During the keynotes, unique parallels between biological trends and technological trends are shown, with a human-centered focus.
  5. Pleasant and confronting
    Inspiring keynotes with impact by Christians pleasantly confrontational style; clear and energetic.

All Topics


Christian is a futurist who speaks about the impact of exponential technology on people and organisations. He tailors his presentations to the specific needs of your audience.

Trends and developments

Predictions that have come true


  1. Operation System for cars, houses, buildings and many other things in the future
    In my book, I describe that cars will have their own operating system in the future. With this operating system, they can interact and communicate intelligently with the environment. At the moment Volkswagen is developing a new operating system for its cars, called VW OS.

  2. Artificial career coach on the work floor
    A new collaboration between IBM and the workforce management platform Kronos Incorporated gives employees access to personalized career coaching every hour. A virtual coach will advise employees about the available opportunities within their company and about the skills training required to get them.

  3. Digital Teacher in schools
    Primary school students in New Zealand will soon be learning from a digital teacher. This digital avatar of Artificial Intelligence teaches children about sustainable energy. The power of humanoid machines will help our children in the future of good education.

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