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Welcome in the

Purpose Economy


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How do you generate value in a world that is almost fully automated by smart technology?


Welcome in the Purpose Economy


If we mirror the patterns of Nature, then as our collective intelligence matures, we as a society will start to increasingly reflect on ourselves and have the tools to do something useful with what we discover. That gives me great hope that we will have the power and the will to solve bigger and bigger problems and realise our needs to understand the world around us and ultimately gain true insight into ourselves.

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Topics that will be Covered during the Presentation


  1. Purpose revolution
    What drives the purpose revolution and how to become a part of it. How to tap into the power of purpose?
  2. Personal Purpose
    Exponential technology will empower and enable more and more people to follow their purpose and do the things they really like. We will see less meaningless jobs and more meaningful work
  3. Organisational Purpose
    Organisations will be networks of purpose-driven individuals empowered by smart technology. They will be like water: liquid, transparent and will easily adapt to fast-changing environments. 
  4. Society Purpose
    How to align the purpose of your organisation with the global purpose of our society? 
  5. Purpose Economy
    How to earn money or create value by following your purpose? How will we live and work in the purpose economy or WEconomy?
  6. Future work
    How do we transform meaningless jobs into meaningful work? Organisations with a strong purpose will attract people with a strong purpose.
  7. Future organisations 
    How will organisations be structured and how will they create value for society and meaning for people? 


The WEconomy 

Sadly, many companies will fall, but there will be a saving grace. At the same time, many more online platforms are going to empower more and more people to earn a living without needing a company or government to take care of them. I’m fundamentally optimistic that some of these platforms are going to end up transferring jobs and revenue from the big institutions to millions of people all over the world instead, providing a decent direct income. It is already happening, for example: Look at Uber – if you have a car and a driving licence you can earn money as a taxi driver. Or take Airbnb – when you have a spare room, you can earn money. These platforms are rapidly becoming great enablers for millions of people. If you have a good idea you can use Kickstarter to fund it, or you can use Quirky to get expert help to design and produce a product, even when you don’t have the skills yourself.


There are video bloggers that have their own TV channel on YouTube and earn millions of dollars by posting content. These are all examples of opportunities that weren’t even imaginable to the mass market just a decade ago. I’m far from being the only person to believe that a world of meaningful work is the way that we are headed. Back in 2015, Ray Kurzweil, the inventor, author, futurologist, and a founding trustee of Singularity University, stated: ‘I’m actually not worried about it [the demise of 9-5 employment] because it’s going to ultimately be very easy and require a very small fraction of our output to support all the material needs of the human race.’ I agree, and the move towards a world of meaningful work and a life of purpose for more and more of us is the core message of optimism that I want to share.

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