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Future of organisations

Organisation of the future


Is your organisation prepared for a future full of changes? Futurist Christian Kromme takes you into the digitally changing world by using practical and inspiring examples.


The organisation of the future is dynamic, adapts quickly and has no traditional management. In the past, most organizations were focused on efficiency and effectiveness. This resulted in business models that are based on predictable commercial patterns. The biggest disadvantage of these business models is that they are not suitable for an era of unpredictability and disruption.


Instead of focusing on having a specific business model, successful organisations must focus on adaptability, agility and transparency. This enables them to gain a competitive advantage. An important part of an organization's agility is a shift from hierarchical organizational structures to models that work in teams.

Toekomst Samenwerken - Blockchain

Humanification - The biggest innovation are human


Organisations need to change because of the digital transformation. The success of the digital transformation and the future of organisations are people with the right digital skills and expertise.


Hierarchical structures disappear and outdated skills become less important. Robotics will take over more and more skills, supplemented by the capacities of people to solve problems. This means soft skills are valuable in the organisation of the future. How do you, as an organisation, deal with new changes? What does your organisation look like in the future? In this keynote Christian explains how you as an organisation are able to respond to an era full of digital transformations. This is a future of digital developments with people having a leading role.

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The future of your industry


Technology is going to disrupt more and more companies in the coming years. New innovations and new company visions will have a huge impact on every sector. Disruption will appear in various digital waves. During this keynote Christian challenges you to transform disruptive threats into disruptive opportunities.

Future of finance


The future of banking will look very different in the coming decades. Many traditional banks are faced with the choice to disappear or to proactively disrupt their own business models in order to be sure in the future. Some important questions for the banks of today are:


What can banks do to prepare for these future scenarios?

What innovations will disrupt the banking sector?

What will the banking sector look like in the coming decade: will the established names disappear? Or will they be more successful?


Digitization will automate and improve many banking processes. In order to benefit from the digital transformation, banks must behave in a way that they are not used to. The old habits banks have been accustomed to for years are going to disappear. Banks who dare to disrupt and do it quickly, will survive the digital era and perhaps succeed.


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Sensor voor oog

The future of healthcare


Innovations in healthcare focusing on a future where we have control over our own health. Smart sensors allow people to monitor their own health. As a result, we will receive smart tips that help us to live healthier in order to prevent us from becoming ill at all. People go from medication to prevention. Robotics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will have an impact on the future of healthcare. New technological possibilities point to a future in which the provision of care is proactive and continuous, rather than reactive.


For example, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will help doctors train to provide even better care. In addition to training, medical visualization and treatments are much more efficient and more lives will be saved.


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Future of insurance


The future of insurance is all about automation and Deep learning. Artificial intelligence will have an impact on all aspects of the insurance sector. When AI is integrated deeper into the industry, insurers have to reposition themselves to respond to the changing insurance industry.


The insurance industry must be aware of the factors that will contribute disruption and the way artificial intelligence will change the claims, logistics and tariffs. The traditional business model for insurance has been strong for a long time. But it’s already feeling the power of digital transformation.


New skills, insurers that accept the emerging technologies and insurers that will change the culture in the organisation, will soon be leading in the insurance sector. Innovative insurers are the ones who are going to grow. Those who retain the traditional aspecys, will get it increasingly difficult.


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Future of marketing


The future of marketing is at the beginning of a new era. In the upcoming years, marketing will change more than it has done in the past 300 years. The Social Media Revolution has ensured the rise of digital media and social media channels. The Machine Learning Revolution is the new digital revolution. This is goin to have an important role in the marketing world in the coming years. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going to make a huge turnout.


All these trends and innovations are rapidly changing marketing landscape. To fulfill the expectations of consumers in a supporting future and to exceed them, you must continue to innovate


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Toekomst van Landbouw

Future of agriculture


The future of agriculture is all about innovation and sustainability. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) will mostly deliver innovation in agriculture. This technology provides a focus where farms transform into sustainable, data-driven ecosystems. Agriculture is a knowledge industry. AI, IoT and robotics enable farmers to increase the sustainability of production. Some examples are autonomous vehicles, built-in weather stations and sensors used on land.


Because of these technologies water will be managed more efficiently,productivity will increases and it will reduces waste. Automated drones are going to give a complete analysis of the fields and the crops. Especially in farms with a lot of land, this will save fuel from vehicles. Farmers of the future are innovative, profitable and sustainable.


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Future of Manufacturing


In the future, 3D printing and generative design will allow for products to be designed in a more decentralized manner, and production will take place closer to the customer and fully on-demand. 3D printing technology will also allow for more customization and personalization of products. Sensors and edge AI will be used to learn how products are used during their lifetime, and this information will be sent back to the manufacturer for continuous improvement. This feedback loop will result in products that are continuously getting better and better. The entire production pipeline will be robotized, and hard skills that are currently done by human workers will be automated by smart machines. This means that humans will need to develop new skills to stay relevant in the age of automated manufacturing.


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