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Future of

Society and Sustainability


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How Will Disruptive Technology Impact the foundations of Our Society?


Future of Society and Sustainability


The future of society and sustainability is promising and challenging at the same time. The foundational organisations of our society are slow and inefficient, so they are ideal candidates for disruption because there is a lot of room for improvement. But how and when will exponential technology disrupt governments, production and construction industries, finance, healthcare, education and many other industries?


Customer Quotes

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  1. Agriculture Industry
    How robots, drones, biotech, big data, the internet of things will bring us abundance in healthy food and water.
  2. Construction Industry
    How 3D printers, nanomaterials, smart sensors and smart materials will fundamentally change the way we build sustainable cities and infrastructures.
  3. Finance Industry
    How blockchain, artificial intelligence, smart sensors and big data will radically change the foundation of our financial systems.
  4. Healthcare System
    How artificial intelligence, internet of things, smart biosensors, biotech and robots will improve our healthcare system and make it affordable again.
  5. Education system
    How virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and mobile devices will radically impact the way we educate new generations.
  6. Production industry
    How 3D printers, nanomaterials, crowd design, co-creation and artificial intelligence powered design software will change the way we develop new products and services.
  7. Entertainment industry
    How will virtual reality, augmented reality, real-time photo-real 3D graphics and 360 degrees VR video change the way we entertain ourselves.

Welcome in a Hyper-Local Future


Did you know that nature runs on sunlight, only uses the energy it needs, recycles everything rewards cooperation and demands local expertise? I believe that over time, more things will be solved locally in our society. Brexit may be an early example of the start of this trend. Governments, banks, and our healthcare and education systems are slow and they can’t change as quickly as the communities they serve. I think that our collective groups of people with a common interest will take more and more care of our basic needs, and our organisations are going to be left with less and less to do. Of course, we will always need some form of organisation; we will always probably need some centralised organisations that control some elements of our society – things like law enforcement, justice and certain elements of healthcare like the care of the vulnerable people in our communities. We are always going to need people to organise things and take care of people.


But what will there be left for the big foundational organisations or our society if normal people like you and me are able to generate and store their own energy, grow their own food, co-design and co-produce their own products, co-design their local infrastructure and logistics, restore their own health, crowdfund their new idea’s and can make trusted peer to peer transactions, make their own smart contracts based on blockchain technology and insure their risks via peer to peer insurance systems? Not so much if you ask me. I believe our future will be hyper local, people will solve problems on a local scale. Just like nature does, it taps the power of the limits and curbs excesses from within.

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Christian is a futurist who speaks about the impact of exponential technology on people and organizations. He tailors his presentations to your audience's specific industries and needs.

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