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Future of

Logistics and Mobility


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How Will Autonomous vehicles change your daily live?


Future of Logistics and Mobility


In the future, not many of us own cars anymore; we share them with other people instead. It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when we had a car on nearly every driveway and we spent so much time travelling alone. But although most things have gone virtual, the things we do have are shared in a very efficient way. Advanced technology makes it possible for us to all share assets, and it’s not even a hassle.

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Topics that will be covered during this keynote


  1. The Internet of Things

    How will the internet of things connect the fleet of autonomous robots, drones and vehicles?

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    How will Artificial Intelligence monitor, manage and control all the assets in our future logistics supply chain?

  3. Robots

    How will robots build, maintain and repair our logistics networks without any human effort?

  4. Drones

    How will drones deliver people and stuff from A to B via complex 3D logistics networks?

  5. 3D Printers

    How will 3D printers replace and build the ever-expanding swarm of autonomous drones?

  6. Blockchain

    How will blockchain enable automated and trusted transactions in the entire automated logistics supply chain?

  7. Sustainable Energy

    How will we power our autonomous supply chain in a sustainable and circular way?

Welcome in the Just in Time Economy


Need a car or transport? Then in 2030 you simply ask for it and it usually arrives within minutes (or even seconds on a good day!). There’s no need to have valuable assets like cars that you only use for an hour or two out of twenty-four. It’s so much better that you only use what you need when you need it. In between, things return to the shared pool. We all travel lighter, don’t carry so much around with us and are much more mobile than we used to be. In the future, our transport systems work in a much more natural way and our modern systems are modelled on our blood cells (people) and veins and arteries in our bodies (our rail/roads/networks). Think about it: our bodies are incredibly efficient. Even the tiny space inside our red blood cells is not wasted. When we realised that in healthy conditions more than 95% of the oxygen capacity in our cells is utilised, we started to ask questions about the spare space in our cars and other transport systems. We learned from our blood, which is amazing stuff. 


The reason blood is so incredibly efficient is that our red blood cells aren’t dedicated to specific organs or tissues. If they were, we would probably have traffic jams in our veins. Our blood cells are shared by all the organs of our body. We have a massive network inside our bodies. It’s like a giant transport and logistics lab, and sometime early in the century, we started to realise we could model our own physical efficiency in the world around us. Our personal internal network is so extensive, each one of our 10 trillion cells gets its own deliveries of oxygen precisely when it needs them. Blood is both a collective and individual form of transportation. Our modern shared transport system will also be a 3D transportation network, more like the network of veins in your body. With our roads now occupied mainly by autonomous vehicles, and our airspace busy with autonomous flying drones that transport people and goods, we now think in cubic space rather than in square metre space.

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