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Future of

Information and Communication


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How will the Internet of Things and Blockchain impact your job or business?


Future of Information and Communication


When every device with all its sensors and inbuilt intelligence has the capability to talk to all the other devices in it’s surrounding we will have an immense amount of contextual information. Our technology will know everything about us: which room you’re in, who you are with, where your car is, where your clothes are, whether your refrigerator is empty or not. What to do with all this information?

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Topics that will be covered during this Keynote


  1. Trillion Sensor Economy
    What will living in a trillion-sensor economy look and feel like, what will it mean if humanity has developed senses on a global scale?
  2. The Internet of Things

    What if the trillion sensors and many other devices start to talk to each other and share information with you?

  3. AI Controlled Networks
    What if artificial intelligence controls and manages our communication networks?

  4. What if 10 billion people are connected?
    What if the entire population on earth is connected and start to cooperate like one organism?
  5. What can we do with ultimate knowledge?
    What if everything that happens on earth is stored and an available for everyone?
  6. The decentralisation of almost everything
    What if our entire IT infrastructure is decentralised and our private data is owned by ourselves again?
  7. The invasion of blockchain technology
    What if all the data and transactions on the web could be trusted, what if you could do business with everyone? 

Vision on Future of Information and Communication


Just like a living organism developed more and more senses and nerve systems to increase survival rates, humanity is developing more and more sensors and data networks to get a more accurate perception of the world we live in. In the future, we will have trillions of connected sensors that give us very advanced and sensitive ‘senses’. A lot of these ‘smart sensors’ are going to be talking to each other, and I believe that this will create a kind of ‘ultimate knowledge’, where everything will be registered and talking to everything else. With the right algorithms and a positive intent we can do a huge amount of good with all that data. Good for our own health and the health of the living spaces we share with billions of other people.


Another big trend that is going on right now is that people are taking control of the internet again. Large corporations and governments may own the internet right now, but the question is this: for how long can that be sustained? Eventually what we’ll also see is the blockchain technology being introduced for more and more information sources. What the blockchain basically does is to re-distribute the power of the network from the power of the few (those in control of the network itself) to the power of many. With the introduction of blockchain technology people will own their own data again and decide with who they want to share that data. Technology will enable normal people to set up their own long lange peer to peer data networks, large centralised internet service providers will be a thing of the past.

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