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Future of

Automation and Autonomy


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What would you automate if everything can and will be automated?


Future of Automation and Autonomy


In the future, it’s likely that technology is going to be so cheap, powerful, and easy to adapt and integrate that there are no valid reasons not to automate! Almost every job, routine, or task that is in any way boring or not worthy of our attention will almost certainly be automated. What will be the role of human beings in a world that is almost fully automated?

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Topics that will be covered during this keynote

  1. Natural Interfaces

    What if we could interact with the most powerful technology via intuitive and natural user interfaces like voice, gestures and even thoughts?

  2. Self-learning Systems

    What if every device or system in your environment learn by itself and adapts seamlessly to your needs?

  3. DIY Robots

    What if everybody could create a robot that automated something 

  4. Future Apps

    What if almost every app was generated on the fly to your specific needs en only when you need it?

  5. Intelligent Things

    What if every electronic device has its own intelligent operating system that adapts to your specific needs when you appear?

  6. Intelligent Spaces

    What if your home or workspace knows you and is able to predict your next move to support you when needed?

  7. Intelligent Shared Spaces

    What if there where intelligent shared spaces that empower groups of people to be more creative and productive?

Welcome in a World Full of Meaningful Work


Did you know that almost all the biological processes in your body are fully automated, they don’t require your attention at all. With the rapid improvements in processing power we really are mirroring what happens with biological organisms, and I believe that many essential processes in our society will be automated in the near future. Our technology will be running so many of our critical processes in the future, our ability to power that technology is going to be a massive shift and produce the reliability we need for that level of dependence. When automation is very reliable, cheap, and reliably powered, it will become unstoppable and everything that can be automated will be automated. Imagine a machine having the emotional intelligence to read your gestures and emotions, or detect a change of tonality in your voice. We already have sensors that can measure your heart rate, stress levels, and many other physiological indicators, so I believe it’s the connections to those devices that in the future will help our Artificial intelligence to help us by being able to sense if it is doing the right thing for you.


Today, most of us have (or can remember) a family member, best friend, or partner who knows exactly how and when you like your breakfast and your coffee – not because you programmed it that way but because they learn from previous conversations and experiences and adapted their behaviour to suit your preferences. I believe that this is what automation and programming in the future looks like, only it will be driven by AI and not just by our human interactions. Just tell the system how you like it and software routines are created to suit your needs. It will all happen behind the scenes, so you probably won’t be aware of it, but it will be happening. Just in the same way that Google already knows your personal preferences and the way Facebook already knows what you like and serves you with the content that it knows you like. In the future, with all the devices in your life being connected in some way, the sensors inside them will be able to predict what your next move is, and will even be able to suggest how to make your life more productive, effective, and purposeful. Amazon does that already with your reading choices. It’s actually not that much of a leap.

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