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Future of

Artificial Intelligence


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What would you do with unlimited intelligence?


Future of Artificial Intelligence


For a long time people are talking about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, but it's really going to happen right now. In this keynote about the future of Artificial Intelligence I tell about the rise and impact of Artificial Intelligence. Companies must be prepared for this, so they can participate in these changes. Organizations that don't look at AI and Robotics could be disappear within a few years.


The role of Artificial Intelligence on humanity, society and companies is the core element in this keynote. After this keynote you will know how to apply Artificial Intelligence on a human-centered level in your organization.

Christian Kromme en de koning

Topics of this keynote

  • What is Artificial Intelligence and how quickly does AI develop?
  • The opportunities of AI at this moment?
  • The next big wave: Intelligence Revolution
  • New innovations, intelligent virtual coaches and intelligent products.
  • New generation of customers: Customer Experience and Customer Service.
  • Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the collective term for all computer technologies that operates somewhat autonomous. AI is a term that is often misused. The term ''Artificial Intelligence" is not correct, because everything we put into AI is natural (human input). In fact, it's a very natural form of intelligence. It's not just biological intelligence, but it is synthetic intelligence.


Artificial intelligence is becoming smarter

AI is continuously becoming smarter because of Singularity. Singularity is the exponential increase of intelligence that arises from the moment that Artificial Intelligence is so smart and powerful, that it can improve itself rapidly and becomes smarter than human beings.


Computer systems becomes self-learning systems through the increase in computer power, smarter algorithms and the rapidly growing amounts of available big data. Smart self-learning systems are able to mimic our neo-cortex brain. These smart systems will give us insights, make predictions and act on our behalf. The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence will be endless soon. But only when it's applied in a human centered way. After this keynote you know how you can apply this to your organization in a human-centered way.

Intelligence Revolution


Machine Learning is a term that is part of Artificial Intelligence. At this moment we are at the beginning of an Intelligence Revolution. Machine Learning and Deep Learning will make the use of digital devices increasingly human. Just like people learn, machines can be trained in the same way to perform tasks based on smart algorithms.


ML is about the development of smart algorithms and self-learning systems that computers use to learn. These technologies are able to recognize patterns in unstructured data. For example, patterns in visual information (photos or videos), patterns in texts and numbers or patterns in audio (voice recognition). Just a decade ago, smart algorithms for speech recognition was almost science fiction. Nowadays, millions of people rely on communicating with the machines around them. These technologies are used by every major tech giant, such as Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Google and Apple.


Intelligence Revolution

Human-centered AI

People are going to use AI to improve the quality of our lives: our overall safety, health, communication, collaboration and more. But it will also increase the efficiency of our energy and infrastructure.


Some examples of AI applications that we already see are:


  • Self-learning chatbots in customer service
  •  Virtual assistants in almost every sector
  •  Faster and more accurate diagnoses by smart sensors in healthcare.
  •  Smart algorithms and image recognition in agriculture
  •  Automation and predictive data analysis in the finance industry


This is going to impact our daily lives in work and in society. As a result, we as human beings will become more humanistic and purpose-driven. What are the possibilities with AI? In this keynote I give guidelines on how Artificial Intelligence can be applied in organizations*. This keynote is human-centered and will tell you how Artificial Intelligence is used to empower human.


(*) = The keynote can be custom made specifically on industries: Finance, Agriculture, Health Care, Mobility, Logistics, Production, and more.


Founder of Artificial Industry


Artificial Intelligence has become a 'buzzword' the last couple of years. Christian has been involved in Artificial Intelligence for a longer time. And in 2002 Christian founded Artificial Industry. Artificial Industry helps entrepreneurs and progressive organizations to transform ideas quickly and efficiently into innovative digital products by using smart algorithms. Artificial Industry was taken over by VANAD Group in 2015.

AI Expert for over 10 years


Christian Kromme has been an expert in Artificial Intelligence for over 15 years. In his book he describes several predictions about artificial intelligence that come out right now. Christian has carried out innovative projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence for clients such as: Pensioenfonds, ABP, Gemeenten, Endemol, Eyewords, Toyota Europe, Koninklijke Auping en meer.


About Christian    

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Christian is a futurist who speaks about the impact of exponential technology on people and organizations. He tailors his presentations to your audience's specific industries and needs.

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