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Future of

Learning and Intelligence


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What would you do with almost unlimited intelligence?


Future of Learning and Intelligence


It’s interesting to see just how fast practical technology is moving in the machine learning space. For example the rise of the intelligent virtual assistants. The new assistants from companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Viv, and many more are getting exponentially better at understanding human language and interacting with us in an increasingly natural way. What kind of jobs will they automate in the next few years?

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Topics that will be covered during this keynote

  1. Augmented Learning 
    What if we could use technologies that made learning and personal development as fun and addictive as gaming?
  2. Augmented Intelligence
    What if artificial intelligence enhanced your own learning capabilities and enabled you to learn much faster?
  3. Distributed Intelligence
    What if every individual could use the combined intelligence of humanity via distributed artificial intelligence in the blockchain?
  4. Intelligent Virtual Agents and Coaches
    What if the best personal business coach, the best health coach, the best lawyer was available to us 24/7/365?
  5. Digital Doubles or Digital Twins
    What if you could have your own intelligent digital double or twin that could do tasks for you in the digital world? 
  6. Democratisation of Intelligence
    What if intelligence was abundant and almost for free and everybody on earth could use it for the good of humanity? 
  7. Collective Intelligence and Hive Minds
    What if millions or billions of digital doubles started to work together in a real-time online democracy?



Welcome to the World of Unlimited Intelligence


It won’t be long, two to three years is my educated guess, before we will be using these virtual assistants to do all kinds of tasks for us. Fancy a night out? You will probably be able to ask your virtual butler to arrange a taxi, book the table of your favourite restaurant and buy your tickets to the movie. It’s looking increasingly likely that your personal money will be run through one of these companies, and the costs of all of those things will be deducted from the budget that you give them. The tech company that wins this race is likely to get a tiny slice of a very big pie of your spending in the future. We already have Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and speech recognition software becoming almost as accurate as a human listener.


After we mastered machine learning systems and developed many focused/narrow intelligence applications (intelligent tools for specific tasks), we realised that we could connect and combine these narrow intelligences into more general intelligent applications. These combined intelligences work like the search engines of today (Google and Bing). Search engines were indexing webpages with information so they were able to redirect people with questions to specific website. The general intelligences of today work in a similar way, and have developed them into artificial identities. These intelligence engines are indexing intelligence and themselves tap into many modular narrow intelligence solutions and combine them into one general intelligent identity. So instead of just having a ‘search engine’ for information we have more of an ‘intelligence engine’ that taps into available, standardised sources of intelligence.

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