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How ChatGPT will change the world: an inspiring keynote about AI & ChatGPT


Christian Kromme has a lot of experience with advanced technology, including ChatGPT. In 2002, he co-founded Artificial Industry, one of the first companies in the Netherlands to specialize in developing user-friendly interfaces and chatbots based on natural language processing. With some triple-A customers, the company was sold in 2015, but Christian's expertise in the AI field has only grown since then. Therefore, ChatGPT expert Christian Kromme will give you an inspiring keynote about these latest technological developments.


Nowadays, chatbots are more advanced than ever, thanks to technologies like ChatGPT and Google Brad. During his inspiring keynote on ChatGPT, Christian talks about the enormous potential of these technologies to understand and deal with information and complex systems.

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ChatGPT: Unlock the potential of AI with Christian Kromme


Christian Kromme is a leading expert in generative AI and ChatGPT. He predicts that this disruptive technology will create an entirely new intuitive interface for the broad public. With his bestseller "Humanification: Go Digital, Stay Human," Christian brings a unique human perspective to advanced AI technology. He is an ideal choice for an inspiring and informative keynote speaker at your upcoming event, thanks to his many years of experience giving insightful keynotes on the latest technological developments.


Christian has the rare ability to explain complex technical concepts in an accessible way, making them understandable and relevant to a wide range of audience. That is why he is a popular speaker at conferences and events worldwide.

Generative AI chatGPT

A Keynote about ChatGPT: Impact, Ethics, and Possibilities


As AI technology evolves unprecedentedly, it raises important ethical questions that organizations and individuals must grapple with. In his keynote speeches, Christian Kromme explores the ethics of AI, discussing issues such as bias in AI systems, the impact of AI on jobs and the workforce, and the ethical responsibilities of organizations developing and implementing AI technologies.


Christian also delves into the potential of AI to transform communication, creating entirely new interfaces and interaction methods that could change how we work, socialize, and interact with one another. In addition, he examines how AI is disrupting traditional industries and creating new opportunities for innovation, as well as its potential impact on society at large.


ChatGPT Keynote Takeaways


During Christian Kromme's keynote on ChatGPT, you will gain valuable insights into the impact of advanced artificial intelligence technologies, such as AI chatbots and generative AI. Christian demonstrates how these technologies can revolutionize traditional industries and create new opportunities for innovation. At the same time, he will discuss the critical ethical questions that these technologies raise.


With his unique perspective on the impact of these technologies on society, communication, and human intelligence, Christian offers valuable insights into the future of technology and its ability to shape the world. During the ChatGPT keynote, you will also discover how to implement these technologies in your organization to stay ahead of the curve. Plus, you will learn how to apply these technologies in your organization to remain successful in an ever-changing digital landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about ChatGPT and its potential for your organization.

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Ice berg

Whats next? ChatGPT is Just The Tip of The Iceberg


The emergence of ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dialog-based interfaces powered by AI. As Google launches BRAD and Baidu launches Ernie, we expect to see a wave of new applications that will completely disrupt an entire generation of information services, including websites, webshops, and apps. With text-to-image, text-to-video, text-to-audio, and text-to-3D capabilities, these interfaces will have the power to transform the way we interact with information, providing an intuitive and accessible experience for the masses.


As these dialog-based interfaces evolve and become more sophisticated, we can expect new applications and services that we can't imagine today. The sky is the limit, and with Christian Kromme as your keynote speaker, your organization can be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.


The Expert on Generative AI and ChatGPT You Need for Your Event


Meet ChatGPT expert Christian Kromme, a Keynote Speaker you don't want to miss! No more boring presentations, but an engaging and visual keynote that will make you think. Christian has a unique way of speaking that will change your view on keynotes. Whether you're looking for a live event keynote or a pre-recorded version that can be viewed online. Christian has the expertise to provide an inspiring experience that you won't forget. Be surprised by his unique way of speaking and experience the future with Christian Kromme.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the world of tomorrow and the exciting future with ChatGPT expert Christian Kromme. Get ready to open your mind to new possibilities and join Christian for a keynote that will challenge the status quo and provide disruptive insights. Learn all about the future with ChatGPT. Book now and discover how Christian can help your organization achieve its goals.

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Christian is a futurist who speaks about the impact of exponential technology on people and organizations. He tailors his presentations to your audience's specific industries and needs.


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