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Go Digital, Stay Human

7 days of immersion. Into what’s coming for our digital age. And what it means for the choices you make as a Human Being.


What is happening?

Our world is going digital. Exponential technologies promise the birth of a completely new economy. Blockchain promises a revamp of our monetary system; nanotechnologies will disrupt entire industries. Technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, Augmented reality, IOT and blockchain will have a radical impact on businesses, communities and our personal lives. It is coming closer to our skin; is said that by the year of 2030, people will live over 150 years. Biohacking will allow access to parts of ourselves for which monks had to meditate for ten years.


What remains the same?

Although promising, realise that technology is an empty vessel, that not only requires but also pushes human evolution. As many jobs will become redundant, we will be pushed to answer some questions :

- Who are we and why are we here?
- What does it mean to be Human?
- How do I lead life & work?


The Program

During these seven days, you will be guided towards a renewed sense of purpose, infused with the latest within the field of frontier technologies. You will sense a deeper connection to who you are and how you wish to lead by your life & work. You will be ready to effectively lead your organisation through the digital era, simply by being you.



- Accommodation 6 nights on Ibiza.
- Relaxing and inspirational ambience.
- Inspiring presentations & workshops.
- Delicious & wholesome foods throughout the day.
- Multiple excursions on the wonderful island.
- Lots of inspiration, wisdom, knowledge & fun.


- To unwind, reconnect with your Heart, Mind & Body.
- Gain the latest insights on Technology & Human Organisation.
- Translation of gained ideas into your organisation.

Hosted by

Christian Kromme
For the past 17 years, Christian was an innovative tech-entrepreneur. During the quest to save his daughter’s life he discovered the DNA behind disruptive innovation and how to use this to predict the next big wave of technological disruption. Now Christian is the author of the best selling book 'Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human' and a high in-demand global keynote speaker, speaking in front of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders and policymakers about the radical impact of disruptive technologies on humans and organisations.

Jeroen Timmers
Having spent seven years in corporate life, Jeroen decided to travel the world. This took him to the outskirts of this planet, studying various cultures in an exploration what it means to be human on this planet. Upon return, he initiated Giving is All we Have, a movement for a Heart based Economy. This brought him on stage at TEDx as he inspires audiences worldwide. He helps people rediscover their innate wisdom of the body & the healing force of nature.

For whom?
- Leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals that want to take themselves further.
- Pioneers within the corporate world, ready to lead their business into the new era.
- Those who need for a personal reset & want be immersed a into the new world.
- Those interested in the future of Humanity & Technology, and willing to face themselves.


When & where

Sept 21 - 28, Ibiza



€ 3.950 (excl. VAT & flight)
Deductible for businesses


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