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Seven Humanification Trends To Look Forward To In 2019

As the world continues to GO DIGITAL at an exponential rate, humanity will be even more challenged to STAY HUMAN. Seven Humanification trends we will start to see in 2019:


Trend 1) From the 'Head' to the 'Heart'


In 2019 exponential technologies will automate even more rational processes and tasks. AI in the cloud will solve complex cognitive problems faster and more efficient than human beings can ever do. These technologies will help humans to realize that our head is not our strongest asset. To stay ahead of the machines we will have to rely more on our hearts. The smarter technology will become, the more we have to rely on the wisdom of our heart. In my opinion, this is the only way for human beings to stay relevant in a future full of smart and intelligent machines.


Trend 2) From 'Profit' to 'Purpose'


When more people start to listen to their hearts, more people will be motivated intrinsically (by purpose) instead of extrinsically (by profit). This motivational change will transform organizations toward more purpose-driven organizations.


Quote Simon Sinek about having a purpose:


'Profit isn’t a purpose. It’s a result. To have a purpose means the things we do are of real value to others.'


Not only does it have a strong purpose to engage employees, but it also helps attract customers and make them more loyal.


With a massive intent and clear sense of purpose it’s much easier to attract the great employees, partners and customers. A clear purpose works like a magnet for the right people. You attract them because they resonate with your bigger goals, your bigger purpose.

happy people

Trend 3) From 'Organizational Purpose' to 'Individual Purpose'


Organizations will start to realize that a true authentic organizational purpose is not something, that can be designed by a smart and expensive marketing agency. It has to come from within, the people in the organization itself, from people that have a deep sense of purpose of their own.


When purpose can be combinated with individual passion, the organization will have better motivate employees and satisfy customers. The purpose of the organization should not be a particular vision / mission. It's a realtime statement people in your organization have to keep in mind and follow by heart. So they serve a better, more human-centered future.

Trend 4) From 'Me' to 'We' and from 'EGO' to 'ECO'


When more people start to live their purpose, we will move from static institutes driven by EGO-systems towards dynamic and smart communities driven by ECO-systems. EGO-system means paying attention to the well-being of yourself.


ECO-system means focusing on the well-being of yourself and all the people in the system, including nature. So work with and help others who appreciate you.


Trend 5) From 'Customer-Centric' to 'Human-Centric'


Being customer-centric is not enough, look for example how inhumane companies like Uber and Amazon treat their employees. In 2019 more and more organizations will incorporate the word ‘HUMAN’ into their business slogan and start to become more human-centric. If we stick to what is radically human, meaningful innovation is within reach. Put the people at the center of your goal, not your product or company. They will be discussed later, so do not start with that.


I believe we will start to see a movement towards more human-centered organizations in 2019.

Trend 6) From 'Hard Skills' to 'Soft Skills'


When machines can do the work with chips, humans can do the work with the hearts. Robots and Artificial Intelligence will automate many 'hard skills'. The only way human beings can differentiate themselves from machines is to develop their 'soft skills'. Skills that can be digitized and automated will become a commodity and very cheap. Skills that can’t be digitized and automated will increase in value.


Trend 7) From 'Outside World' to 'Inside World'


Organizations will start to understand that innovation and disruption are not about the development of technology. Innovation and disruption are about the development of human beings and culture. So instead of focussing on the cold and technological outside world, organizations will start to focus on the warm and human inside the world. I believe we will see more focus on personal growth and cultural development in 2019.


I wish and hope our world will become a little bit more human in 2019. A small step for individual human beings, but a giant leap for humanity!


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