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The 7 Habits of Future-Proof Organizations & People

Navigate the AI Revolution with Confidence


Future-Proof yourself NOW and stay relevant in tomorrow's AI-powered world.


We all know that change is the only constant in life. The problem is that most of us resist change. Our traditional mindset keeps us stuck in our ways, and we're reluctant to try new things. This mentality may have worked for our grandparents, but it won't cut it in today's world. We need an open mindset to change and embrace new technologies and ideas to survive and thrive in today's economy. So, Future-Proof Yourself now and stay relevant in tomorrow's AI-powered world.


This online master course will help you develop a future-proof mindset emphasizing developing leadership, organizational structure, and work/life balance to achieve personal and organizational goals.


This course is ideal for those who need to:


Cultivate a mindset that combines digital savviness and human touch.

Steer and motivate teams and organizations through digital disruption and rapid change.

Act confidently in uncertain and changing times.

Redesign business models, products, or services to thrive in the future economy.

Discover The Six Course Modules


Mindset is everything, so Upgrade Your mindset now! In this masterclass, world-renowned futurist Christian Kromme will teach you simple, step-by-step strategies to Future-Proof your Mindset. After taking this masterclass, you can anticipate and surf future waves of change. You will have a future-proof mindset and see the waves of change as opportunities instead of threats. You will be able to act and navigate with confidence in times of extreme uncertainty.

Master Course Curriculum Overview


Do you want to learn more about the course contents? Here's a chapter overview of what you can expect. This way, you can determine if the course is right for you. The course includes more than 8 hours of HD video content, 45 chapters, 45 interactive exercises, and PDF handouts that will help improve your learning experience.

Also, Check Out These Exciting Features


Enroll in this master course today and you will receive some extra bonus materials as well. Extra exercises, additional chapters with technology trends, high res handouts, free ebook, daily inspiration service and many more.

Does this sound like you?


  • Our world is changing rapidly, and my business should change rapidly as well, but I don't know what the future will look like.
  • What is the best strategy for my organization? Our organization is transforming rapidly, and many jobs are being automated, what skills should I develop to stay relevant?
  • Many organizations and jobs are being disrupted by increasing technology. Therefore I see technology as a treat instead of an opportunity. How can I change my mindset and perspective?
  • Due to covid19, we have to go digital. But how can we stay human at the same time?
  • I understand that digital technologies offer countless opportunities, but how can I leverage these powerful technologies?
  • I'm curious about what the future will look like and what my role will be in this future.


Don't worry. Many people experience the same, especially in this time of extreme digitization and global pandemic.

Do you want to:

  • Develop new business models and strategies that are Future-Proof and able to leverage new technologies.
  • Conceive a new Future-Proof mindset and skills that enable you to stay relevant in this fast digital world.
  • Create new Future-Proof products or services that can disrupt traditional competitors.
  • Learn how to go digital and stay human at the same time.
  • Discover how I can leverage new exponential technologies to fulfill my purpose in life.
  • Be inspired by new insights about consciousness, technologies, business models, and endless possibilities.


You're in the right place: we have a proven formula that will help you achieve all of this and more.

Please don’t take my word for it; hear it from others


"The nice thing about Christian's masterclass is that it is not an abstract high overtraining: he shows through practical examples that the exponential growth of technological developments is no longer unavoidable. Christian honestly and sincerely shows the chances and positive aspects of all those developments. That is what he does in his very own human way. And that is a unique combination for a fascinating masterclass."


Nicoline van Mulken, Manpower Group


“Fantastic, Very Inspiring, encourages reflection, impressive, Best masterclass I have seen!”

A. Allmers, FinanceFactor


"The masterclass of Christian is very clever! Handsome how he can draw a parallel between biological developments and technological developments and revolutions. Besides, his story is more than a lightning-fast succession of technical gadgets, but it is particularly relevant to how our society and all sectors within it will develop. Absolutely a must for every individual and organization that wants to gain insight into how to respond to all technical innovations and disruptions that are going to take place. And very beautiful: the end of his masterclass in which Christian ends with the 'human touch' and 'purpose'"

Pieter Bas Boertje, D&B Eventmarketing


“Christian explains in an inspired way how exponential growth of digital computing power will cause unexpected technological, economic, and cultural changes. Any individual and organization with the ambition to stay relevant for the next five years should take this masterclass very seriously.“

C. Fruneeaux, Director Monnik


“Christian is a passionate speaker who shows in a beautiful and inspiring manner what is going on in our society, what is going to happen in the future, and how we should deal with this. Very motivating!” 


R. Van Zanten, Director IBSG Retail/consumer goods EMEA & Latin America at Cisco Systems


“Christian breathes innovation. Full of passion and knowledge he manages to challenge his audience to look beyond the iPhone. The biggest changes are yet to come in technology; you better be prepared!” 


D. de Beurs, Researcher Primary Care, and Mental Health at NIVEL

About your Teacher: Christian Kromme

Best Selling Author and World-Renowned Futurist Speaker

Christian Kromme is a world-renowned futurist, entrepreneur, and author of the bestseller book Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human. He gives inspiring keynotes about the impact of disruptive technological developments on people, organizations, and society. Christian Kromme was an innovative tech entrepreneur for 15 years until he discovered the DNA behind disruptive innovation and how to use this to predict the next big wave of technological disruption. Now Christian is one of the most in-demand global futurist keynote speakers, speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policymakers about the radical impact of disruptive technologies on humans and organizations. 

videos of Christian Kromme

His future insights are available to a broad audience.

Christian has spoken at exclusive and prestigious events in many industries, most of which are forums, conferences, congresses, and corporate events with audiences of up to 5000 people. In the last two years, Christian has presented for more than 250 world-leading organizations on five continents, in 22 different countries, and before more than 400.000 people, including the world's wealthiest and most influential families and members of multiple royal families. Christian's purpose in life is to inspire people by awakening the possibility that humanity can create a hopeful and meaningful future.

Recognize & tune into the force that drives global trends.

"They told me my daughter was dying. That day, I had no idea that such dreadful news would lead to a discovery that would revolutionize our understanding of innovation — what powers innovation, how it happens, how we can predict it and even make it happen." The speed of innovation in technology is increasing, and it will transform our world. Christian's best-selling book Humanification is about how we can harness its power to improve our lives, help businesses thrive, and predict the next wave of change. During my masterclasses, I explain how to recognize and tune into the force that drives exponential trends.

So what's included in this course?


  • Over 9 hours of beautifully crafted HD video lessons. 
  • Tremendous inspiration for creating a future full of purpose and meaning. 
  • Our unique formula for Future-Proof your Mindset. 
  • Bonus: Access to our Future-Proof Self-test. 
  • Bonus: an E-book copy of my best-selling book: Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human. 
  • PS: We offer corporate/organizational discount bundles for enrolling ten or more employees simultaneously. For more info, please get in touch with us. 


Now limited offer for only Euro 299- 

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