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Being Present


A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workforce


This book is a rich collection of guiding ideas, advice, and best practices focused on improving peoples lives at work specifically the lives of frontline workers.


Being Present offers eye-opening insights on the positive outcomes for employers who invest in their workers experience.


Written by some of todays most respected leaders and practitioners in HR, workplace technology, and the future of work. You learn new ways to create and build frontline workplace capability, productivity, performance, empowerment, and trust.


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Become present

The Humanification of Work


Imagine a world where human beings are at the centre of everything once again. Where we live in a human-centred society that’s united, aligned with nature and driven by purposeful eco-systems. Where governments are once again in service of the people who voted for them, where healthcare systems keep us healthy and where children are educated to listen to their heart and design a meaningful life.


A world where people are deeply connected with each other and united for shared goals. A world where you can be your true and authentic self, and where learning and working is an integral part of living a purposeful and meaningful life.

From EGO to ECO


Humanity has arrived at a critical tipping point in the evolution of our species. We are about to enter an era of transformation beyond the scale of our current imagination. A transformation from a divided world, driven by EGO-systems (driven by power and money), and instead towards a world driven by ECO-systems (driven by compassion, dignity, and equality).


But how do we escape from the current system? The one that has enslaved millions to work for money and forget about true purpose? Well, one thing we should NOT do is to fight the old system. Instead, we need to build new systems that make the old system obsolete. Although you might think it’s a huge gap to bridge between today’s world and this imaginary future, what if that gap was not as big as you thought it was?


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Book Reviews

"A long overdue focus on frontline workers in organizations and how productivity increases when they feel respected, supported, and valued in the workplace. The reader gains significant insights on today's changing world of work, rapidly evolving with technological changes, and generational diversity. It's a timely must read."

-Michael Foster, Founder & Chairman, Institute for Organizational Mindfulness (IOM); Founder & Chairman, Human Capital Institute (HCI)

"The importance of the insight and advice in the chapters before you can't be overstated. The employee experience defines how frontline workers feel connected to the purpose of their work and organization, thus, put in discretionary effort and are engaged. When tied to performance and purpose driven culture, the experience for frontline workers positively impacts the bottom line. It's time for a book that outlines actionable ways to enhance workplace adaptability, empowerment, and innovation! “

Libby Sartain, former CHRO, Yahoo! Inc. & Southwest Airlines; Corporate Board Member

"Creating a work environment where people want to come and work, want to contribute while they are there, and choose to stay because they feel they are making a difference, is an enterprise-wide challenge today that can be offset by opportunity the opportunity to become an employer of choice. Read this book and learn the importance of the frontline workers' view. These are the individuals that often set the standard for what an organization does and underscores its need for bold, efficient, and effective action. "

Row Henson, PeopleSoft Fellow, Writer, HCM Thought Leader

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